When Your Child’s New Friend is Imaginary

NYU Child Study Center

3 yrs Anna Imaginary Friend 150x100 When Your Childs New Friend is ImaginaryMany young children, particularly those between the ages of 3 and 5 years, develop imaginary friends.  Children this age are typically beginning to decipher the boundaries between fantasy and reality, and their “new” imagined friends are part of this processinflatable slides

trans When Your Childs New Friend is Imaginary

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Alison Bekker – Partnerships Specialist

Alison 150x150 Alison Bekker   Partnerships SpecialistAlison Bekker  is the Partnerships Specialist at Talaris Institute. Alison provides support to the Partnerships Team with dedication to partnership research and development, partnership management and administrative support. Her role is essential in building relationships and facilitating the flow of information between Talaris and its partners.

Alison began her work at Talaris in March 2008 after returning from Africa where she focused on building a school and teaching English to Maasai children in a rural village located in Tanzania. Her experience with impoverished children in Africa sparked her passion to work in an environment that focuses on the needs of young children.  Alison has also traveled extensively througout Eurpoe, visiting 10 different countries and advancing her knowledge of various countries and people groups Hüpfburg Prinzessin Maxi Multifun.

Alison completed her Bachelor of Science in Business Marketing from Central Washington University in 2007.

Alison is a triplet and enjoys spending time with the two brothers who accompanied her at birth as well as two additional siblings. She also appreciates the outdoors, traveling and spending quality time with close friends and family.